Peak Design Travel Duffelpack (65L) Review

The Duffelpack from Peak Design expands from 45L to 65L (a little too large for carry-on on most airlines), has backpack straps that hide away, is made of weatherproof material and is a durable and organized companion for LOTS of different kinds of adventures.

Material Choice:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Excellent dirt resistance, scuff resistance and all around protection for your gear in this thing. Custom hardware. This stuff is very unique. Weatherproof, 100% recycled 600D nylon canvas. 900D Ottoman-weave Poly bottom fabric. Silicone-coated mesh internal pockets.

Build Quality:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Peak works with excellent factories. The build on this thing is great. They're innovating so much with this thing.

Water Resistance:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Great protection from weather for your gear. Water sealed zips, totally water resistant fabric.

External Access:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

I was surprised these side pockets are so useful in transit! One on each side, large enough for a water bottle.

Internal Organization:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Solid zipper pouches up against the inside of the bag on both sides. Travel docs, accessories, etc.

Capacity:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Expandable from 45-65L. I love how the main compartment opens like an old doctor's medicine case. If you leave lots of room you may be able to sneak this on as a carry on on bigger airlines. For car camping and general adventuring, this has plenty of capacity for multiple family members.

Carry Comfort:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Excellent grab handles (so cushy and robust). Straps are solid. Wider-necked people may find some rub on their necks if the bag isn't packed out fully.

Doesn't Look Weird:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

It's the bag Elon Musk should be using as the "team bag" for mars missions. Futuristic. Techy.

Extra Score:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Gotta give it an extra point for being a bag you buy once and use for a LONG time for LOTS of activities. Extremely useful bag.

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack (65L) Shoulder and hip straps hide away behind a magnetic panel. 

Shoulder and hip straps hide away behind a magnetic panel. 

The handles around the entire bag are easy to grab and leverage when you’re in “streamlined mode.” Straps may be a little tight on the neck if bag isn’t fully packed. 

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack (65L) Massive capacity. Expands from 45-65L. 

Massive capacity. Expands from 45-65L. 

Can maybe get away with it as a carry-on if you don’t fill it up. Soft panels means you can stuff it into lots of different spaces. Plenty of room in here for both my wife and I whenever we travel. Could probably fit our 2yo’s stuff in there as well. 

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack (65L) Excellent materials + build. 

Excellent materials + build. 

The zippers, handles, clips and straps all instill a bit of confidence in this bag as you’re strapping, pulling, hauling, etc. 

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack (65L) Internal organization. Zipped pockets on both sides.

Internal organization. Zipped pockets on both sides.

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack (65L) Shoulder and hip straps are solid for hauling the load. 

Shoulder and hip straps are solid for hauling the load. 

Some people are going to wish there was more padding. Some people may notice a little rub on the neck with the straps. But these straps make this one of the best travel duffels around.

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