Peak Design Everyday Backpack Review

The Everyday backpack from Peak Design is delightfully innovative and thoughtfully conceived. It’s definitely a design for the centuries.

  • Techy Look: First and foremost, this sucker has a techy look, like it’s a backpack made for Robocop. That turns some people off right away, but the features are good enough to win most people over in the end.
  • Excellent Organization & Accessibility: the organization, configuration and access of this bag are off the charts. Totally customizable inner main compartment with side access from both sides, as well as deep organization and quick access… this thing is stacked for however you want to design your own carry.
  • Great for Photography: the Kodra fabric has padding and insulation, and the inner compartment has these customizable padded dividers, making for a very safe, customized and secure carry of your photo gear… however you want to organize it.
  • Drone People: you drone and photography enthusiasts should be drooling with the possibilities.
  • Build Really Well: From the fabric to the padding to the straps and reinforcements throughout the bag, this thing is solid. 

A killer bag that, if you love the look, will be able to get you through every daily adventure you can throw at it (and even some minimal travel as well!).

Honestly, get this bag if you want to discover a new feature you didn’t even know about 2 and a half years from now. You’ll be like, “Holy sh*t, didn’t even know this hip strap was here!”

I dig this bag for the innovation, organization and durability. One of those bags that will be a loooooong term companion for you on your journeys.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Slick look. Elon Musk-y.

Slick look. Elon Musk-y.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack “Side panel” design gets you in the bag from either side. 

“Side panel” design gets you in the bag from either side. 

These also make it so you can access the inside while you hold the bag “cross-body” on the front of your body; one strap on. Great for photographers.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Customizable inner separators. Lots of layout options. 

Customizable inner separators. Lots of layout options. 

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Stiff-ish straps. But I like ’em.

Stiff-ish straps. But I like ’em.

Some people complain about the straps being too stiff. I, personally, don’t mind it because this pack stands alone in features and quality. 

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