Heritage Style Bags & Backpacks

I use the term “Heritage” to refer to the style of bag that looks like Hemingway’s writing sounds — simple, robust, honest, maybe a little austere.

I personally love this kind look for my bags. There’s something forthright about the materials, it’s like these bags are a little less “up their own arses.”

Below is a list of all the heritage style bags I think you need to know about these days.

Things to consider about heritage style bags:

  • Is it too heritage for you? Yes, there is such a thing as too heritage for you. You’ll have to find your own balance here.
  • Will this bag last? There’s a lot of B.S. “heritage looking” bags out there nowadays. Get something that will last.
  • Does this bag carry the way you need it to? You might need some pockets, man. Don’t be afraid of needing some pockets, man!

Heritage Style Bags: