Home Coffee Makers

Get your morning ritual dialed in with a coffee method you love everyday.
Getting the grind right.
When making coffee, get the details right.

The perfect cup is inspiration just when you need it. 

But we need some tools to do it right.


  • Don't use stale, old coffee.
  • Don't NOT explore new beans and roasts.
  • Don't use a blade grinder. #grindconsistency
  • Don't burn the grounds. 195-205 degrees.
  • Don't maintain a cumbersome daily process.

Making good


The Beans

Fresh, artisanal, the good stuff.


The Grind

Fresh ground on a burr grinder for consistency.


The Water

Filter if you can. 195-205 degrees.


The Extraction

Lots of different modes for different strokes.


The Interaction

The coffee process should be dignified, a daily delight.

Get good beans.

If you can’t find a local roaster (recommended, because friendship), try an online retailer of excellent coffee beans:

Topo Travel Bag
Work the grind.

Consistent grind particle size is a must. Otherwise you’re pissin’ in the wind.

Encore Burr Grinder
Brew manually.

If you don’t want a machine, try these manual setups:

The Aeropress
Brew Automatic.

Push a button, make a great pour over coffee. 

The Ratio 8
The Ratio vs Bonavita 

Both make great coffee at the push of a button. Is the ratio really worth the price?

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