Join this men’s group workshop in Austin, Texas June 8-9.

This weekend is an invitation to confront and transform what’s holding you back.
Led by facilitator David Sutcliffe who’s guiding a small group of men through an approachable, body-based process in Austin Texas. 

I found David's work online and was immediately struck by his approach to drawing out deep emotions... without being, I don't know, it just felt less embarassing to come at it with him as my guide. I hope you join me in attending this workshop. More info below.

~ Chase Reeves

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Meet David Sutcliffe

About this workshop:

David wrote this great piece about the workshop, but here’s my take: it’s an opportunity for deep, life-changing work with someone who has a great approach and all I need to do is show up to see what happens.

Of course I want to see meaningful change in my life. I want more capacity for my work and my relationships, more emotional freedom, less numbness, more enjoyment of my world, greater integrity and connection.

This workshop is exactly the kind of place where I can touch what holds me back from all that.

The invitation is simply this: don’t hold back. 😬

My whole personality is a form of pruning and holding back bits that might offend or hurt or get me in trouble. Holding back to stay likeable.

This weekend workshop, to me, is a space where maybe I can drop all that in a safe container with a bunch of other grownups — no women or children to trigger. A place without the roles I play everyday. A place where I might, if I want to, stop holding back for a moment and see what may be more true about myself.

If you want to come, click this link and signup. I look forward to being in there with you.


Chase Reeves


Saturday, June 8 
9:30am – 6pm

Sunday, June 9
10am – 5:30pm

Workshop space in Austin, TX

Register to attend:

Cost to attend is $525. If you have any questions email: [email protected]

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Chase Reeves

About David Sutcliffe:

David Sutcliffe is trained in Core Energetics, a body-based process that works with unconscious resistance. You can learn more about him on his YouTube channel where he facilitates deep work with modern influencers. He also makes content on Instagram

About Chase Reeves:

Chase Reeves made this website to share with his friends to convince them to come to this workshop with him.