Sleek Style Bags & Backpacks

“Sleek” style bags typically boast a good deal of technical abilities — lots of pockets and organization and features — without looking too much like a Frankenstein.

A great sleek style bag can be the right fit in the office, in the cafe, on some ancient trail in Peru or under the seat in front of you on the airplane.

Below is a list of the sleek-style bags you need to know about.

Considerations about sleek style bags:

  • Is it well built? Sleek bags are trendy, so make sure you’re getting a bag that’s built well so it lasts and you don’t waste your money.
  • Do you mind the logo placement? Some bag makers plaster their brands all over the damn bag. Notice if that’s gonna bug you.
  • Does it carry the way you do? Every bag wants to be used for certain tasks, in certain ways. Happy bag use comes when what the bag wants and what you want are aligned.

Sleek Style Bags: