Street Style Bags & Backpacks

The “Street” look refers to those bags that respond to terms like “fresh” and “dope.” But if you aren’t familiar with those terms being used this way you may still love the look of street style bags.

I personally find this style to be my typical favorite for day to day use because it fits in in the environments I frequent — bars, restaurants, cafés, and on the street in the younger, hipper areas of town.

Below is a list of street style bags you definitely need to know about.

Street style bag considerations:

  • Do you like the functionality as well as the look? Often times with bags like this it’s the look I’m really buying. And sometimes I wish there were some more pockets 🙁
  • Is it well built? Street style bags are trendy, so make sure you’re getting a bag that’s built well so it lasts and you don’t waste your money.
  • Does it carry the way you do? Every bag wants to be used for certain tasks, in certain ways. Happy bag use comes when what the bag wants and what you want are aligned.

Street style bags: