Notebooks & Pens

Notebooks & Pens

Often times the “examined life” requires a little note taking. Not all notebooks and pens are created equal. Below we list out our favorite note keeping tools. 

Studio Neat Totebook

Thin, light and flexible with an exquisitely satisfying-to-touch cover and lovely dot-grid paper (with smart guides). By far my favorite notebook in a long time. View

Baron Fig Notebooks

Available in a bunch of sizes and shapes, these notebooks are well designed, made from nice materials, and make great daily helpers for us creatively minded. View

Studio Neat Panobook

These are very functional notebooks with a tactile feel and archival features. Designed to fit between you and your computer. Killer. View

Studio Neat Mark One Pen

Oh my goodness, such a lovely pen to write with. Great diameter in the hand, satisfying heft without being too heavy, and oh so smooth. View

Pokka Klip works with this pen.

Retro51 Tornado Pen

THE first pen love of mine, introduced to me by @iMyke. Juicy with a nice heft and balance in the hand. Affordable luxury. View

Tombow Brush Pen

I started taking notes with these years ago and fell in love with writing with a brush pen. The tips do lose pointiness over time, still love ’em tho. View