Home Goods

Well designed everyday goods make the days move easy. Here’s some home essentials.


How you start the day matters. Fuel for the journey.


The Beans

Fresh, artisanal, the good stuff. Recommend Heart & Coava for deep cuts.


The Grind

Fresh ground on a burr grinder for consistency.


The Water

Filter if you can. 195-205 degrees.


The Extraction

Lots of different modes for different strokes. (see below)


The Interaction

The coffee process should be dignified, a daily delight.

Ratio Coffee Maker

The one coffee maker to rule them all. Bloom, half-brew, beautiful workhorse every single morning.
Vid Review

Encore Burr Grinder

Consistent grind particle size is a must. Otherwise you’re pissin’ in the wind.

Able Kone

I was there when my friends at Coava in Portland developed this. Used it just about everyday since.

I use the Chemex or the V60 for manual pour-over.

Fellow Stagg Kettle

Variable temp, weighted handle, clean lines. It’s a prettier Bonavita.

In the kitchen

Here’s the essentials we live and travel with everyday.
Material 3-Knife Set

Lovely, super clean. Pairs well with their set of kitchen tools.

Material Kitchen Tools

Well designed essentials in one little shopping cart. Stop searching. Clean the drawers. Live simple.

Material Coated Pan

10.5-inch stainless steel pan with copper core and fume-free coating. Thing works great.

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

We use cast iron for everything else. Durable. Treat it right. No soap or rough brushes.

Vitamix 64oz

We’ve gone through several blenders. Eventually went back to Vitamix and stayed.

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Rice, slow cooked pork, soups, we make it all in this thing. We literally travel with it. I prefer the Duo Evo Plus controls.

Falcon Enamelware

All our plates, bowls and cups are enamelware. Falcon is the only brand that hasn’t cracked or rusted. Stack em, travel with em, they last for a decade+.

Soda Stream Fizzi

I keep a bottle in the fridge. Fizz it up and I got more bubbles than any LaCroix can muster. Recommend getting the smaller bottles.

In the Living room

Communal goodies for the guests and housemates.
Bloomscape Mail Order Plants

Nothing like plants around the house. They come with great pots. Keep those plant friends healthy! You could also try Costa Farms.

Sonos Move

Solid room-filling sound AND easy to pickup and take outside for picnics (or up to the roof for star gazing). Stop searching.


5 minutes in this guy (if ur generally healthy) for more general health. People love trying it so we keep it in the living room. Knock off works fine too.

Rumble Roller Extra Firm

The best personal massager I’ve found. Use often during conversations, let ur friends use it lots.


Small footprint, big collaborative game. Pick it up with some of your fun friends.

Onnit 15lb Mace

So impressed with how much this thing works the entire chain of movement through my body. Better than a gym membership if you can motivate urself.


The best modern music experience. I live on these playlists and the family plan.


Such a fun game. Perfect for these “unprecedented times.” 

In the Bedroom

The bedroom items surviving our life on the move.
Thuma Constructable Bed Frame

The bed frame that will last your next move (and the next, next, next). Looks great, good materials, great design.

Primary Goods Buttoning Bedding

THE SHEETS BUTTON TO THE DUVET COVER. Finally someone did it well. We sleep in it every night. Lovely linen.

Awara Wool & Latex Mattress

New Zealand wool, Rainforest Alliance latex, organic cotton. Our daily driver.

Studio Neat Material Dock

On the night stand. Classy charging. Natural materials.

In the Cupboard

It takes money, but supplements help keep you vital.
(Just stay away from the BS.)
Onnit Total Human Day & Night

Every morning and evening a little packet of all the stuff you need. Comes in a nice box. Started months ago, still worth it.

Organifi Gold

I have a small warm tea with this every night. Delicious. It’s like desert. Helps me sleep too.

Stamets 7

Mushrooms are wizards. Paul Stamets is a mushroom wizard. This is the product with his name on it. 

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake

Damn solid ingredients here. Has to be mixed with ice + water for best flavor.