Home & Office

Create some ease and flow at home with well designed essentials. Here’s some everyday goodness.

In the Home

Simple, solid stuff for the everyday.

The Bed and The Nightstand(s) from Thuma are my favorite to date.

Sonos Move our current room-filling everyday background music maker. 

Kitchen tools and pans from Material are our go-to. Cleaned up our counters. 

The Bedroom:

The Bed & Nightstand(s) from Thuma — clean, modern looks. Durable. Excellent design.

Awara Wool & Latex Mattress — New Zealand wool, rainforest alliance latex, organic cotton. 

Primary Goods Buttoning Bedding — sheets that button to the duvet save time every morning!? Lovely feeling.

Thuma Side Tables — modern looks, super clean, done and done. Studio Neat Dock fits nicely.

The Living Room:

Bloomscape Plant Delivery — the plants arrive perfectly packaged. All of ours are still alive. Plants make a difference. 

Sonos Move Speaker — Solid room-filling sound AND easy to pickup and take outside for picnics.

Body ToolsFeetUp and the Rumble Roller will change your life. Keep em on hand in the living room.

Games — games liven up the joint. Hanabi, Bohnanza and Pandemic are some favorites. 

The Closet:

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Studio Neat’s dock for the bedside table.

The Kitchen:

Material Kitchen Tools & Coated Pan — instant modern kitchen with great tools and an incredible pan. Donate everything else. 

Instant Pot — raising kids and stewing pork and making rice done right. Learn it. Use it. Love it. Expands your kitchen without taking up much space.

Vitamix 64 — we’ve gone through lots of blenders and eventually came back to this one.

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Pan — we’re one of those people. No soap or metal, treat it right.

Ratio Coffee Maker — if you make coffee everyday, you can’t do better. Two models: the six vs the eight.

In the Cupboard:

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Ratio make our favorite coffee maker for multiple drinkers in the house.

In the Office

Beat the grind and enjoy your creative space.

Jarvis adjustable desk is the best value for quality I’ve found.

The TicToc chair is my current favorite by a LONG shot.

Bloomscape plant delivery has worked wonders for us.

The Posture:

Fully Jarvis Adjustable Desk — Don’t get sucked into a cheaper standing desk you’ll regret. This is the best cost for quality I’ve found.

Fully TicToc Chair — Keeps my spine aligned. Easily hides away. I’m very fk’n serious about this chair, you guys.

Roost Laptop Stand — get your laptop higher so your neck don’t kink. Collapses and fits in my bag.

Keyboard & Mouse — I go for the Apple Bluetooth mix. Choose your own. Essential with the Roost stand.

The Backgrounds:

WiFi Router — here’s the cheapest best right now. I go with an Orbi when I have lots of space to cover.

AC & USB PowerFully Power Clamp on the desk or anything here.

Desk SpeakersAudio Engine HD3 are surprisingly nice (good headphone DAC). Here’s a cheaper option.

Great desktop speakers with a nice headphone DAC from AudioEngine.

Performance Enhancers:

Alpha Brain — I take 2 pills 30 minutes before podcasts or videos or performances. Natural. Doesn’t jitter you out. Could take before bed for weird dreams.

Scent Upgrades — scent, you guys. Secret weapon. I use a diffuser and keep an upper and a grounder on hand. Seriously, scent changes mentality a bit. (or go for a candle.)

Bloomscape Plant Delivery — Keep something natural alive and watch your headspace improve. Bloomscape delivers to you in nice pots. Done and done. You could also try Costa Farms.


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Fully’s power clamp is what we have on our desktop for AC + USB power.