Carry Accessories

For planes, trains and trails, we need accessories that work for us. Here's my curated list of accessories you should know about.

Pouches & Organizers

The right internal organization makes the days move easy. Here’s my favorite.
Evergoods Tech Pouch. Amazing piece of kit. Organized and easy to access.
Bellroy Tech Kit. Elegant. Super capable. Sleeker than the Peak.
Minaal Toolcase. Not "elegant," but super solid.
Bellroy Classic Pouch. Elegant. Playful. Organized. Lots of colors.
Peak Design Tech Pouch. So good. A brick.
Brown Buffalo Dopp Kitt. Perfect durable larger pouch.
Trakke Laggan Pouch. Beautiful dry-finished waxed cotton.
Bellroy Pencil Case. Click to watch video.
Peak Design Field Pouch. Super useful. Killer materials.
Power Packer. Tall, narrow, solid.
Tom Bihn Pouches. Lots of shapes, sizes, colors.
Waterfield Pouches. Great materials. Grownup.
Boundary Supply Port Kit. Two decent pouches.
Dayfarer Tech Pouch. Thin. Flat. Solid.
Velomacchi Impact Pouch. Solid. Inner org. Sleek.
Velomacchi Laptop Case.
Shimoda Pouches
Shimoda Tech Panels
Topo Pouches
YNOT Laptop Sleeve.
Tom Bihn Laptop Cache.

Notebooks & Pens

The examined life requires notes from time to time.

My advice: don’t get too fussy.

StudioNeat Totebook. Great paper. Great cover. Archivable.
Baron Fig Notebooks. Solid.
StudioNeat Pano Book. Designed to fit between you and your laptop.
Field Notes. Keep it in your pocket.

Or these CR-Brand Wallet Notebooks have come in quite handy for me as well.

StudioNeat Mark One. If your favorite coffee shop was a pen. This is that pen.

Pokka Klip works with this pen.

Tombow Brush Pen. Cheap way to get much more interesting notes.
Retro 51 Tornado. The best affordable pen.
Bellroy Micro Pen. Very small rollerball.
Everyman Pen. Very solid.

Water Bottles

These are the only water bottles anyone needs. #tested
Camelbak Chute. 750ml. Insulated. The best lid.
Camelbak Chute. 750ml. Seethrough. The best lid.
Memo Long & Thin.
Memo Fat & Thin.

Pocket Tech

The daily items in our bags and slings.
I've got opinions about wallets (view page) →
Bellroy 3-Card Phone Case. My EDC wallet.
Withings Steel HR. Just smart enough.
Raen Glasses.
Anker USB-C. Small. Breakfast top-up.
Roost Laptop Stand. Travellable.
AirPods Pro
UE Mini Boom. Works in a pinch.
Sennheiser PXC550. Noise cancelling, affordable, reliable AF.
Jabra 65T. Most reliable earbud for the price if phone call quality isn't important to you.
Leatherman PS Style. TSA approved. Useful.

Travel Accessories

Packing cubes, dopp kits and more on this page →