Travel Accessories

Helpers and organizers can make for meaningful upgrades to travel life.

Travel Bags & Luggage

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Dopp Kits, Organizers & Packing Cubes

Big or small, here’s the best of both.
Gravel Mini is my go-to washbag. Clean, simple, easy, perfect.
Bellroy Dopp Kit is a little bigger. Classy. Playful. Multiple sizes.
Peak Design Packing Cube. Compression, dirty/clean compartment. The best.
Matador make excellent excellent packable bags that take up NO space in your luggage.
Aer Go Packable backpack. Slightly thicker, but great look.
Wandrd Veer. Nice organization + camera accessories.

Others packable bags:
Cotopaxi Colorful

Hyperlite Versa waistbag is my go to for travel and life stuff.

Travel Tech

Tech that makes the days move easy.
Bellroy Tech Kit is exceptional for organizing electronics in transit.
Sennheiser PXC550. Noise cancelling, affordable, reliable AF.
AirPods Pro. Excellent pocketable headphones.
Battery with built in cables and plug. Top up at breakfast!
Bellroy Notebook Cover and Passport Wallets can be useful.
Epicka travel adapter... perfect $20 product.
Leatherman PS Style. TSA approved. Useful.
Roav folding glasses take up NO space in your bag.
Snacks! Gotta travel with snacks, that's the ultimate tech upgrade.
Owala water bottle. Don't. Get. Thirsty.
Add hydration to your water bottle when you travel.

Mantra Labs

I always take it when I travel to help my immune system.
Magnesium helps me sleep a little and deal with jetlag. Excellent stuff. All naturallll.
My preferred travel camera... the images just feel and look so different.

Ricoh GRiii

Field notes expedition notebooks are waterproof and tear proof.
The only travel pillow I've used that works. Put it behind your back and lounge!
Compression socks can be helpful for long haul flights
The very best eyemask... ever.

Travel Glad

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