Tech Pouches & Organizers

The right internal organization can make a huge difference. Here’s our favorite organizers and pouches.
Trakke Laggan Pro. Beautiful dry-finished waxed cotton.
Bellroy Tech Kit. Elegant. Super capable. Sleeker than the Peak.
Peak Design Tech Pouch. So organized!
With pouches you’re looking for a balance between organization and ease of access. I’ve fallen into the Laggan Pro and Bellroy Tech Kit for everyday use. 
More favorite pouches:
Evergoods Tech Pouch. Amazing piece of kit. Organized and easy to access. Now available in multiple sizes.
Minaal Toolcase. Thinner than most here, but with a protective outer layer; super solid.
Bellroy Classic Pouch. Elegant. Playful. Organized. Lots of colors. Very classy number.
Brown Buffalo Dopp Kitt. Perfect durable larger pouch.
Tom Bihn Pouches. Lots of shapes, sizes, colors.
Bellroy Pencil Case. Click to watch video.
Peak Design Field Pouch. Super useful. Killer materials.
Power Packer. Tall, narrow, solid.
Waterfield Pouches. Great materials. Grownup.
Boundary Supply Port Kit. Two decent pouches.
Dayfarer Tech Pouch. Thin. Flat. Solid.
Velomacchi Impact Pouch. Solid. Inner org. Sleek.
Velomacchi Laptop Case.
Shimoda Pouches
Shimoda Tech Panels
Topo Pouches
YNOT Laptop Sleeve.
Tom Bihn Laptop Cache.