Smart Snacks

Traveling with SOLID snacks can make the whole experience of travel better.

Caveman Paleo bars. Good stuff.

Here’s some of my favorite snacks to have in bulk so I can grab and go whenever I need them…

Fats & Proteins:

You still think fats are bad? We’ve come a long way since the food pyramid, y’all.
Give yourself fats and proteins from solid nutrition sources and watch your whole outlook change.
  • SuperFat — Great on-the-go fats from nut butters. Little pouches you shoot straight into your mouth. Terrible packaging, but easy to throw in a bag and get sustainable energy.
  • Nick’s Sticks — solid affordable meat sticks… grass fed beef, pastured birds, minimal processing, no chemical bullshit.
  • RX Bars — my go-to snack bar these days. I prefer things with more seeds and nuts, personally, but this ingredient list is killer and I always feel great.
  • Thunderbird Bars — when I get sick of the RX bars I switch to these. Solid.
  • Epic Bars Variety Pack — these are the rich, wholistic protein source I’ve always got in my bag right now. Even when they don’t taste good, they feel like real food.
  • Mighty Meat Sticks — a little more expensive, but these are very high quality and taste great.
  • Brooklyn Biltong — from all my research this is apparently basically the best “jerky” you can get… extremely natural, extremely simple, extremely nourishing.

Superfood Elixers:

Single serve packets that help me every time I travel. (Mushrooms support nervous and immune systems.)
  • Evening time: a scoop of Organifi Gold. I use less water in this one. It’s so damn tasty, and it’s got reishi and magnesium for the sleepy times. (Add a couple drops of arnica for fun dreams and deep sleeps.)

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is one of the best things in life. Learn to love it and you’ve got a friend you’ll be glad for again and again.
  • Chocolove 70% — I love taking a bar of this wherever I go for a little nibble. Makes me feel relaxed and pleasant. Pound for pound the best bite per dollar in my book. Other flavors I like: the 80% for when I want to feel more grown-up, the peppermint for when i’m sharing with kids.
  • Askinosie Chocolate — it’s expensive, but definitely my favorite online-order-able chocolate to date.

Trail Mix:

Listen, nuts and seeds with a little dried fruit may be the easiest nourishing, affordable, non-perishable (when stored right) day snack.
  • Bulk Trailmix — It’s from your super market! get it in bulk. Have a separate bag at home that you fill and take on the go. Get some seeds and nuts in you!
  • Raw Superfoods Trail Mix — if you can’t do the bulk thing (possibly cheaper), here’s a good trail mix to get on amazon.