Smart Snacks

Traveling with SOLID snacks can make the whole experience of travel better.

In the Cupboard

It takes money, but supplements help keep you vital.
(Just stay away from the BS.)
Onnit Total Human Day & Night

Every morning and evening a little packet of all the stuff you need. Comes in a nice box. Started months ago, still worth it.

Alpha Brain

I take 2 30 minutes before podcasts or videos or performances. Natural. Doesn’t jitter you out. Could take before bed for weird dreams.

Organifi Gold

I have a small warm tea with this every night. Delicious. It’s like desert. Helps me sleep too.

Stamets 7

Mushrooms are wizards. Paul Stamets is a mushroom wizard. This is the product with his name on it. 

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shake

Damn solid ingredients here. Has to be mixed with ice + water for best flavor.

Caveman Paleo bars. Good stuff.

Here’s some of my favorite snacks to have in bulk so I can grab and go whenever I need them…

Fats & Proteins:

You still think fats are bad? We’ve come a long way since the food pyramid, y’all.
Give yourself fats and proteins from solid nutrition sources and watch your whole outlook change.
  • SuperFat — Great on-the-go fats from nut butters. Little pouches you shoot straight into your mouth. Terrible packaging, but easy to throw in a bag and get sustainable energy.
  • Nick’s Sticks — solid affordable meat sticks… grass fed beef, pastured birds, minimal processing, no chemical bullshit.
  • RX Bars — my go-to snack bar these days. I prefer things with more seeds and nuts, personally, but this ingredient list is killer and I always feel great.
  • Thunderbird Bars — when I get sick of the RX bars I switch to these. Solid.
  • Epic Bars Variety Pack — these are the rich, wholistic protein source I’ve always got in my bag right now. Even when they don’t taste good, they feel like real food.
  • Mighty Meat Sticks — a little more expensive, but these are very high quality and taste great.
  • Brooklyn Biltong — from all my research this is apparently basically the best “jerky” you can get… extremely natural, extremely simple, extremely nourishing.

Superfood Elixers:

Single serve packets that help me every time I travel. (Mushrooms support nervous and immune systems.)
  • Evening time: a scoop of Organifi Gold. I use less water in this one. It’s so damn tasty, and it’s got reishi and magnesium for the sleepy times. (Add a couple drops of arnica for fun dreams and deep sleeps.)

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is one of the best things in life. Learn to love it and you’ve got a friend you’ll be glad for again and again.
  • Chocolove 70% — I love taking a bar of this wherever I go for a little nibble. Makes me feel relaxed and pleasant. Pound for pound the best bite per dollar in my book. Other flavors I like: the 80% for when I want to feel more grown-up, the peppermint for when i’m sharing with kids.
  • Askinosie Chocolate — it’s expensive, but definitely my favorite online-order-able chocolate to date.

Trail Mix:

Listen, nuts and seeds with a little dried fruit may be the easiest nourishing, affordable, non-perishable (when stored right) day snack.
  • Bulk Trailmix — It’s from your super market! get it in bulk. Have a separate bag at home that you fill and take on the go. Get some seeds and nuts in you!
  • Raw Superfoods Trail Mix — if you can’t do the bulk thing (possibly cheaper), here’s a good trail mix to get on amazon.