Smart Travel Snack Foods

Smart Travel Snack Foods

Traveling with SOLID snacks can make the whole experience of travel better.

Here’s some of my favorite snacks to have in bulk so I can grab and go whenever I need them…


  • Caveman Foods Paleo-Friendly Nutrition Bar — holy shit, these guys cracked the code. Their protein bar is real good too.
  • RX Bars — my go-to snack bar these days. I prefer things with more seeds and nuts, personally, but this ingredient list is killer and I always feel great.
  • Thunderbird Bars — when I get sick of the RX bars I switch to these. Solid.
  • Epic Bars Variety Pack — these are the rich, wholistic protein source I’ve always got in my bag right now. Even when they don’t taste good, they feel like real food.

Grass Fed Meat Sticks & Jerky:

  • Nick’s Sticks — solid affordable meat sticks… grass fed beef, pastured birds, minimal processing, no chemical bullshit.
  • Mighty Meat Sticks — a little more expensive, but these are very high quality and taste great.
  • Tanka Buffalo Bites — solid stuff…
  • Epic Bars — these are seriously deep nutrition when you’re on the road. They aren’t my favorite tasting things, but they make me feel excellent for several hours.
  • Brooklyn Biltong — from all my research this is apparently basically the best “jerky” you can get… extremely natural, extremely simple, extremely nourishing.

Superfood Elixers:

Holy shit I love this stuff. Single serve packets that help me every time I travel. (Mushrooms are incredible at supporting nervous and immune systems.)
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixers — Use code CHASER15 for 15% off. These are amazing to start the day with… fucking mushrooms for your health, man!
    • Coffee + lions mane + chaga — Lions mane + chaga help your nervous system ride out the coffee buzz smoother. This is excellent in a bind.
    • Chaga Elixir — this is tasty, I use it instead of coffee in the morning because the chaga is a superfood that helps with inflammation, immune system support, blood sugar and a host of other stuff.
    • Lions Mane Elixer — this stuff is KILLER. Helps support your nervous system in all kinds of ways, even supporting you against anxiety and depression. Love it.
    • Mushroom Focus Shot —  40mg caffeine + lions mane in a perfect little shot. This has saved my bacon a few times nowadays.

Trail Mix:

  • Bulk Trailmix — It’s from your super market! get it in bulk. Have a separate bag at home that you fill and take on the go. Get some seeds and nuts in you!
  • Raw Superfoods Trail Mix — if you can’t do the bulk thing (possibly a lot cheaper!), here’s a good trail mix to get on amazon.

Dark Chocolate:

  • Chocolove 70% — I love taking a bar of this wherever I go for a little nibble. Makes me feel relaxed and pleasant.
  • Askinosie Chocolate — it’s expensive, but definitely my favorite chocolate to date.