In-pocket essentials move with us. Design, materials, size and format all make meaningful differences day to day.

How to make your decision


Pocket Essentials

What must you carry every day? Lay it out. Minimize where possible, include what’s necessary.


Size Concerns

Less pocket bulk = more ease. Step 1 chooses the size for you.


Feel & Materials

Some materials “patina.” Others just decay. Below are our favorites in several categories.

Most Minimal Carry

Statistically, you carry a phone.

The most minimal setup is a phone wallet. Here’s some we like. 

Bellroy Cases. 3-card and folios. Patinas well. 3 cards + a sim. My daily driver.
  • Bellroy Cases — very nice feeling designs. Patina well. Folios (cover flaps make camera use funky) and 3-card case (my daily driver).
  • Nomad Goods Cases — Folio (cover flap) with MagSafe is unique (3 card slots and a cash slot).
  • Ekster Cases — They have a folio (cover flap) and a MagSafe removable wallet.
  • Cheaper Stuff —  We’ve had surprising success with cheap cases like this. Could be a good first phone wallet to try, but not the most protective. 
  • Peak Design’s magnetic phone wallet is stronger than the Apple magnetic wallet. 

Minimal + Classic Wallets

Thin, light, simple and well designed everyday drivers.
Pioneer Carry Cardholder

Soft Card-Holders:

Ekster card poppin' wallet. How does it do this?

Hard Card-Holders:

  • Ridge — Landscape profile, thumb cutaway and smooth card movement. Nice elastic money-clip built in. Very solid. 
  • Aviator — Portrait profile, tabbed card pull, elastic money clip built in. Coin drawer optional. Very solid. 
  • Akeeni Xsto — Innovative. Works great. Cash stowage, business card stowage, and then cards (multiple card capacities available). 
  • Ekster Card Poppers — I don’t know how these things work, but they fan out the cards with the push of a button. Cash strap and top flap optional. Slightly more pocket-bulk than the above.
Bellroy Note Sleeve

Minimal fold wallets:

  • Bellroy Fold Wallets — Note Sleeve, Hide & Seek, Slim Sleeve + other models. Cannot overstate how considered the design and how nice the materials feel and patina.  
  • All-Ett Original — minimal pocket thickness (depth), but larger footprint (height + width). However, always fit in my pockets like a glove. USA built. I used a leather one for years, loved it. 
  • Pioneer Carry Fold — Great materials, all vegan, super sturdy. I’ll bet it takes a long time to break in and feels great as it does. 
  • Nomad Goods Tile Wallet — simple fold leather wallet with Tile tracker built in. Well designed. 
  • Waterfield Via Wallet — simple, beautiful design with a tap/transit card slot on the back. Very capable for it’s size.
  • Popov Leather — Excellent leather and stitching, gorgeous patina, several styles. 
  • Andar Wallets — Lots of styles, some with a cash strap. Leather and patina. 

Unorthodox Wallets

Pouches and notebook wallets can simplify and gather.
Bellroy Notebook Cover