Men’s Clothing

Shirts, pants and outerwear products worthy of getting rid of your old sh*t.

Look Your Best

5 categories for evaluating everyday clothing:



Do you like the way it feels to handle + wear?



Test “range of motion.” Everyday movement matters in these meat suits.



The way the fabric naturally falls/moves.
Too much? Too tight?



Needs to last. I don’t like shopping, I don’t like laundry.



Do you look like you? Gotta help people “get” you.

Everyday Shirts & Tops:

Currently loving these natural looking supima cotton tees from Forty Five

Wool & Prince make my current favorite everyday button-up.


A slightly vintage looking cotton tee from Forty Five works well for me.

An actually soft everyday merino tee  from Proof works better in travel due to the wrinkle resistance. Looks a little more formal too. 

Western Rise X-Cotton Tee — a little bit thicker everyday tee, best in colder climates.

Technical and extremely lightweight “trailmaker” shirt from Seadon is my go to gym/activities tee.

Long Sleeves:

Seadon Merino Long-Sleeve — high quality earth friendly merino, great fit and feel.

Wool & Prince Merino Henley – can be used to kind of dress up an outfit. The material is real nice.


Anything from Topo – especially the “Dirt Shirt.”

Topo’s Dirt Shirt, excellent fall weather shirt.

For Zoom Calls:

Wool & Prince Merino Button Up – odor resistant, wrinkle resistant (for reals), easy to live in everyday, churches it up a little (makes you look nice).

Western Rise Airlight Button Up very lightweight, versatile, looks stylish and clean, slim fitted.

Ministry of Supply Button Ups — some of the lightest, svelt, most technically proficient business shirts.


Baseball Hat: Versa or Dayfarer – clean, modern, water proof, super comfy. (Video.)

Beanies: Western Rise make a good beanie, so does Topo. I also travel with a thin Smartwool Beanie

Western Rise’s Versa Hat is crushable, stylish enough, comfy and minimal.

Clothing brands we test and use:

Telluride Colorado, wizards with fabrics, technical yet casual.

Great shirts and jackets, mountain styles, outdoorsy urban classics.

Wool & Prince button downs are my favorite zoom shirts

Eco-conscious everyday casual clothing. See tees below.

Everyday Bottoms & Outerwear:
Watch the video 👆

Western Rise Evolution is my current everyday go-to pant. 

Western Rise’s Airloft Jacket is my current everyday jacket. (Video.)


Everyday Pants:

Western Rise Evolution. Light, durable, packable and stylish. If you want a thicker pant go with this one

Livsn everyday pants in either the thicker canvas or the lighter eco trek; both are great. 

Myles Tour Pant. Streeeetchy. But still looks pretty nice.

Duer Stretch Denim. Great stretchy denim. Aviator is also great, but I prefer these

Lounge/Active Pants:

Western Rise Jogger. Lounge-able, but it’s a good tech fabric for cruising around town.


Oliver’s Shorts — I have lived in the “All Over” short. They had a good board short too.

Board shorts like these are what I work out in, play in, swim in, do everything in. 


We’ve got a whole page for favorite casual barefoot shoes



Western Rise’s ankle socks are great for that invisible look. 

Farm to Feet Socks — good wool, well sourced. Darn Tough are good too. Injinji are excellent for barefoot shoes.

Exofficio Boxer Brief — been using these over 5 years now. Dry quick, no BS, keep my business happy. 


Western Rise Airloft Jacket— my go to on the road. Insulated, temp regulating, wonderfully made.

Aviator Red Eye Merino hoodie — Very nice and thin but warm enough as a layer. Great for the plane. Another option is the Western Rise Stongcore Merino Hoodie.

Alternative Apparel Hoodie — hard to beat low key vibes.

Lounge & Jammies

Jammie Shorts – my everyday jammies bottom. So cozy.

Marine Layer Lounge Pant – very cozy, but this one’s got some zip pockets.