Men’s Jackets

Warmth, movement and style... not all jackets are created equal. 

Western Rise Airloft Quilted Jacket

The Airloft from Western Rise has become my daily rambler due to it’s lightweight flexibility, exceptional ability to layer with other items, and it’s classy-outdoors-guy style. Learn More

Chrome Blake Cycling Trucker Jacket

The Blake from Chrome looks like a simple denim jacket at first, but closer inspection reveals choice pockets, softer-than-usual cotton/polyester fabric, and an exceptional range of motion. Climb that fence, crush that beer, close that deal. Learn More

Kuhl Joyrydr

I think about it more as a camp shirt because it has a very light, over-shirt kind of look in person. But it’s got such a nice fleece lining on the torso, and minimal insulation to perform even in surprisingly cold weather. Good dad vibes. Learn More

HippyTree Jackets

Think of HippyTree as the younger, hipper Patagonia and you’re not far off (from what I hear from industry folks). Their aesthetic is bang on for that california-utah, outdoors-loving but engaged with the world kind of vibe. Learn More

Daily Rambler

A jacket is one of those modern pieces of gear where both function and aesthetics will speak loudly… to the world and in your head.

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