Office Goods

Beat the grind and enjoy your creative space with well designed essentials.

Office Elements

There are 4 elements to get right in your office space.


The posture

Work posture effects mood, sleep and overall health.


The Backgrounds

Clean and solid power, internet, sound and scent.


The Enhancers

Dial in your mindset and motivation


The tools

“We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”
Marshall McLuhan

The Posture:

Work posture effects mood, sleep and overall health.
Jarvis Desk

Don’t get sucked into a cheaper standing desk you’ll regret. Best desk right now. Upgrade to the Evolve and be done for life.

TicToc Chair

This chair (with the padding) is the single best chair for average healthy-ish folks. Keeps my spine aligned. Easily hides away. I’m very fk’n serious about this chair, you guys.

Roost Mobile Laptop Stand

Get your laptop higher so your neck don’t kink. (Forward head tilt!) The knockoff works ok too, but Roost is better.

Apple Keyboard & Mouse

The only Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that travels with me. Thin, great batteries, easy charging if you’re in the Apple ecosystem.

The Backgrounds:

Clean and solid power, internet, sound and scent.
(I'm serious about scent, tho.)
TP-Link AC4000

Wifi router for small-med spaces. I use an Orbi setup for larger spaces.

AC & USB Power

The clamp from Fully sports 45W USB-C power delivery (and it’s well made). More outlets on this one. And this one looks nice too.

AudioEngine HD3 Powered Desktop Speakers

Small. Delicious sound. Very solid headphone DAC too. Wired or Bluetooth. Nice volume knob right on the desk. Cheaper option not as classy, but decently reviewed.

Bose 700 BT ANC Headphones

Easy multi-device pairing, excellent noise cancelling, great microphone for calls, USB-c, comfort, portability + solid everyday sound.

Or go for the my wired, or in-ear picks.

Performance Enhancers:

Dial in your mindset and motivation.
Alpha Brain

I take 2 30 minutes before podcasts or videos or performances. Natural. Doesn’t jitter you out. Could take before bed for weird dreams.

Coffee Upgrades

Upgrade your coffee experience with these bits. Or just throw a coffee pack in ur morning shake.

Oil Diffuser

Scent, you guys. Secret weapon. I keep an upper and a grounder on hand. 

Or go for a Stone Candle and use the ceramic vessel for sage/palo santo.

Bloomscape Mail Order Plants

Keep something natural alive and watch your headspace improve. Bloomscape delivers to you in nice pots. Done and done. You could also try Costa Farms.

The Tools:

“We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” M. McLuhan
iPad Pro +

iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard is ridiculously capable. I use Notability for idea generation + notes.


My top project management pick for running  your life, your career and/or your business.


Beautiful UI, natural language support, meeting proposals, weather. Your calendar matters.