2023 Gift Guide

Stuff for the discerning connoisseur of everyday goodness. 🖖 give good gift.

There’s tons of discounts and sales going on for excellent gear right now. 

Here’s my list. 

First of all, there’s an idea that could make your holidays MUCH more special. It’s the first point in this video… i’ll just leave it at that.

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Also, find the list of black friday discounts here.


Chase Reeves
Founder, Matterful.co

Gravel’s toiletry kits and travel blanket

Secondly, Gravel make the best travel blanket I’ve used and they’ve sponsored this guide and they’ve got up to 60% discounts going on right now.

Field notes "Expedition" series are my favorite pocket notebook.
Bellroy's wallet phone case is what I've used for YEARS. Love it.
Re:Form Carry's minimalist wallets are bomb proof. I like the one with the coin pouch.

Pocket Carry Stuff

  • Field Notes Expedition pocket notebook… it’s a small notebook with a very special feature: tear-proof and waterproof paper. Add a micro pen. Done and done.
  • My Bellroy Mod 3-Card Phone Case is still the king of my daily life. Nice leather, nice lines, removable wallet that doesn’t fall off when I don’t want it to.
  • Re:Form wallets take the cake for me for a minimal pocket wallet. Indestructible. Travelers love the built in coin pouch.
  • Dudes be loving pocket knives. Benchmade is the solid way to go.
  • This box opener is one of the most charming and well designed everyday item I’ve seen in a while. I made this vid about it.
  • Roav Eyewear make foldable glasses that actually fit in your pocket. Excellent for travelers.
Studio Neat's Mark One pen is one of the most striking pens anyone could receive.
The Totebook notebook... classy cover and great paper without being precious.
The Remarkable tablet makes a stunning gift. I prefer analog or ipad, but people constantly ask me about this thing.

For Desks & Productivity

Fellow's Ode grinder is an excellent everyday upgrade.

For Coffee People

This grinder is new for me this year and it’s just so surprisingly good to use I had to include it. It’s the center of any coffee making lifestyle, no matter your brew method.

A battery with all the cables built in. Excellent gift.
Bellroy's Tech Kit is slimline and classly.
Peak Design's tech pouch is large and insanely organized.

Tech Goodies

  • The best tech item for the most people is this battery that has all the cables built in. Charges everything, plugs into wall, always useful.
  • The Peak Design Tech Pouch and the Bellroy Tech Pouch are both insane crowd pleasers due to their materials and organization.
  • The Epicka travel adapter is a great little tool for the traveler in your life.
  • Bluetooth Earbuds — so much walk, talk (call your dad), audiobook, podcast listening. Apple Airpods Pro are the best i’ve used if you’re in the Apple ecosystem. Jabra 65t still my favorite affordable for everything else (including exercise).
  • Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones — tune out the world, get focused, great call quality, gotta lay flat for easy carry. I use Focal everyday and love it, but this one is a bit more affordable.
Bellroy's Lite Sling is a crowd pleaser on both looks AND utility.
Wandrd's Duo Backpack is sleek and excellent to use.
Peak Design's everyday backpack... get the one with the latch.

Slings & Laptop Bags

For slings I’m recommending the Bellroy Lite Sling and the Vanquest Dendrite Large. Both surprisingly stylish and functional and lovely to use regularly.

For everyday backpacks and messengers, here’s a few I would recommend as gifts:

Western Rise Evolution Pant... cozy, stretchy, classy, utterly durable. I wear them *literally* every day.
Wool and Prince button down shirts drape with casual elegance because merino.
Flux Trainer is my favorite everyday shoe currently. SUPER comfy.

Men’s Clothing & Shoes

My favorite casual sneaker (Flux Adapt Trainer) and slip on boot (Lems Chelsea) would make excellent gifts. Can’t speak highly enough of the comfort of these two.

Sterling Pacific luggage is spendy but will last LONGER than a life.
Pakt's Travel Backpack is the best of the best in my book.
Peak Design's travel duffel is affordable AND excellent to use.

Travel Luggage & Bags

  • The Pakt Travel Backpack is what I use every time I travel personally now. Packs like a suitcase, travels like a backpack, has all the organization I need. Expandable pocket for a daybag. Just excellent.
  • Sterling Pacific make an incredibly striking roller luggage made from aluminum that will last decades. Spendy, but they’ll never need another roller again. This Shimoda Roller is my other fav.
  • Peak Design’s 35L Duffel is a duffel I highly recommend for the price.
  • Nutsac’s Duffel Bag is a striking piece made from waxed canvas and leather. Really stunning gift.
  • Le baluchon is a fashionable option for a lady friend.
Onnit Total Human is an excellent everyday and every night supplement. Great gift.
Hitster Game... loving playing this with the family this year. Good music, good covnersation.
Owala Bottle. Insulated, lockable lid, fits in cupholders upside down.

Other Goodies

  • The Owala Water bottle… power, accuracy, insulation. Literally my everyday driver. 
  • Onnit Total Human — excellent everyday vitamins. 30-day day + night packs. All the things I should be taking and forget to. Nice packaging.
  • Organifi Gold — night time cocktail, reishi, magnesium. Excellent sleep, great taste.
  • CBD Dropper — for de-stressing and for those times you wake up at 2am and want to get back to sleep for a few hours. Non drowsy, high quality, this is a farm I trust and use. Great stocking stuffer.
  • Hitster Game… surprisingly fun game for the fam. Lots of music, lots of conversation. 
Shoutout to Gravel for sponsoring this Gift Guide. Give them some love and get someone the insanely cozy travel blanket or a new toiletry kit.
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