The Matterful Gift Guide

Favorite gifts for people who love quality everyday goods.
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Essential Tech

Modern life doesn’t need much (besides some good background music.)

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“Here’s the key to giving great tech gifts: people only need a few everyday tech items. Be intentional, give stuff that doesn’t suck.” ~ C.R.

For Personal Use:

An actually usable smart watch

The Steel HR from Withings is my fav right now. Simple, classic style, notifications only on the apps I want to get notified from.
(Vid Review)

$179 Amazon

Great daily earbuds

For podcasts, drives and going on walks. The best wireless earbuds in order of price: 

$200+ Airpods Pro
$200+ Sony’s
$130 Jabra 65t

A solid phone

I run my entire business from my phone some days. Now with the iPhone 11 pro I can do an awful lot of content without my laptop. Only go pro if content creation is a big part of your life.

$699 iPhone 11
$1,099 iPhone 11 Pro

Tiny *good* battery

I use a lot of USB C devices. This one has two outputs, charges my phone, ipad, headphones, etc.

~$45 Amazon

Sennheiser PXC550

The best bluetooth, over-ear, noise cancelling headphones. My daily headphones for almost 2 years.
(Vid Review)

$199  Amazon

Chorded in-ear headphones (for backup)

Hide em in your bag, they save you when your BT headphones die. Go for the Etymotics if you want the best sounding, most isolating (my fav).

$18 Amazon
$291 Etymotic ER4HR

iPad Pro 11"

Just such a big life upgrade for creatives and tech enthusiasts. Apple Pencil 2 mandatory.

~$699 Amazon

Homebase laptop

I’ve run my businesses off of a macbook pro 15″ for almost a decade. 

~$1,000+ Amazon

For the home:

A good USB wall charger

Here’s a solid one because it charges as fast as possible. People always needing good cables too. 

Charger: $22 Amazon
Cables: Apple, Anker

A good wifi Router

This one is the highest rated right now on Wirecutter for small-medium spaces. Orbi for larger spaces is what I use.

$184 TP-Link AC4000
For Larger Spaces: Orbi

UE Boom 2

Excellent everyday bluetooth speaker. I take it on all my travels and all around my house. There’s a million out there and this is a good one.

~$99 Amazon

Sonos Play 5

KILLER indoor/outdoor, multi-room, multi-device audio. Sonos is a miraculous modern tool. Solid sound. Great app. Makes the party.

~$500 Amazon

For the office:

A good coffee maker

The Ratio is a revelation in home coffee making because it’s so damn nice to use.
(Vid Comparison Review)

The Best: Ratio
The Next Best: Bonavida

Bulletproof Printer

Monochrome laser printer that’s as solid as printers come. This is the essential. Should last for years and years of small biz use.

$114 Amazon

Roost Laptop Stand

Makes a huge difference on posture and forward head tilt! Use with keyboard + mouse.

~$74 Amazon

Solid Desk Headphones

For immersing yourself in a playlist to get. shit. done.

~$169 HIFIMAN HE-400I
~$299 Sennheiser HD 600
~$89 Sony MDR7506

Men’s Apparel

Clothes that can truly upgrade someone’s life.

Tech   Apparel   Accessories   Bags   Body

“These are items I’ve personally tested and reviewed. Each product is one of the best in their class.” ~ C.R.

For the traveler:

Western Rise Airlight Shirt

The best travel button-up I’ve used to date. Casual, fancy-ish, wrinkle-free, lightweight.

~$100 WesternRise

Ministry of Supply Atlas T-Shirt

My favorite performance travel shirt. Moisture, comfort, durability, style.

~$40 Ministry of Supply

Western Rise Airloft Quilted Jacket

Lightweight. Flexible. Exceptional layering ability. Classy-outdoors-guy style. I used mine daily for over a year.

~$200 WesternRise

Western Rise Evolution Pant

A very lightweight pant that performs really well for travel because it’s stain resistant and packs down real small.

~$150 WesternRise

For daily use:

Highly recommended:

Duer LiveLite Chino

My favorite daily pant. Superior to jeans in comfort, weight and mobility. Choose slim or straight. These are epic pants.

$129 Duer

Duer Stretchy Performance Jeans

The only jean I’m wearing right now because it’s so stretchy and comfortable. I go for the Performance Denim Slim.

~$129 Duer

Wool & Prince Button Down

Looks perfect without a bunch of work because it’s Merino wool. Machine wash gentle and hang dry. Wrinkle free, drapes really well. I go for the light grey oxford.

$129 Wool & Prince

Wool & Prince T-Shirts & Henleys

Merino + nylon is thicker, hiding my love handles a bit. Classy while still casual look. Not for warmer climates.

~$69 Wool & Prince

ExOfficio Boxer Briefs

The only chonies I’ve used for 5+ years. Soft, flexible, no gimmicks. Wash them in the sink when traveling. Intimates.

~$15 Amazon

Tentree Jackets & Sweaters

They plant 10 trees for every product sold. Lots of solid styles. So soooooft.

~$89 Tentree

Bedrock Cairn Pro Sandal

The best river, trail and running sandal I’ve used. It’s burly enough to protect, light enough to enjoy.

~$100 Bedrock Sandals

Lems Barefoot Boots

Hands down most comfortable boot for tromping around forests and trails.

~$120 Lems

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Travel & Carry Accessories

Upgrade someone’s everyday experience

Tech   Apparel   Accessories   Bags   Body

Recommended for daily life:

Withings Steel HR Smartwatch

It’s nice to get next or calendar notifications on. (You can customize notifications.) But it just looks solid for everyday use.

$179 Amazon

Raen Glasses

I love these things. My second pair. Lots of great styles.

$169 Amazon

Native Deodorant

The only natural deodorant I’ve tried and liked. Works perfect. Doesn’t smell too strong.

$12 Amazon

Leatherman StylePS TSA Safe Multitool

A quick multi-tool you can leave in your bag because it’s TSA approved. 

$29 Amazon

Retro51 Tornado Pen

Gorgeous, affordable, writes so lovely. If you’re comfortable spending a little more, go for the Mark One.

$20 Amazon
$65 Mark One

StudioNeat Totebook Dot Grid Notebook

My favorite personal notebook due to its great cover, dot grid, perforation and archive-ability.

$20 StudioNeat

Bellroy Wallets

Just so lovely, well designed, and satisfying to the touch. 

$69 Bellroy

Camelback Chute Mag Water Bottle

The best water bottle lid on the planet.

~$24 Amazon
Stainless Steel: Amazon

A solid camp mug

Excellent for everyday use. Saves your ass when camping. This one’s over-engineered to last till Elon Musk is Space Pharoah. #coldbeer

$59 Amazon

Insta Camera

This thing is actually damn nice to have around the house or in the bag. This is the large square format which I love. 

$99 Amazon

Recommended daily organization:

Bellroy Pouches

Excellent pouches for organizing daily life.

~$49 Bellroy

(more pouches)

Peak Design Tech Pouch

Excellent for carrying lots of daily essentials.

~$59 Peak Design

(more pouches)

Minaal Toolcase XL

Protected and well design storage pouch.

~$59 Minaal

(more pouches)

Velomacchi Sleeves

Great sleeves and pouches for laptops and tech.

~$59 Velomacchi

(more pouches)

Recommended travel tools:

Peak Design Packing Cubes

Packing cubes in 2 perfect sizes for most travel bags. Compressable. Lightweight.

~$39 Peak Design

Aer Dopp Kit

Highly organized dopp kit in a small footprint. 

~$45 Aer

(more dopp kits)

Aer Go Packable Backpack

A stylish, utterly functional packable daybag to shove into your travel bag.

~$85 Aer

Trakke Waxed Canvas Pouch

CBD can help you sleep, fight off inflammation, overcome anxiety and more. Good tool to have in the kit.

~$45 CannaTrading

Bags & backpacks 

Nothing brings joy like an upgraded bag.

Tech   Apparel   Accessories   Bags   Body

Recommended Affordable daily bags:

Baron Fig Backpack

This backpack from Baron Fig is really thoughtful, minimal and useful. Lovely daily carry bag.

$85 Baron Fig

(more daily bags)

Aer Work Day Pack

Small footprint with a very organized interior and built to last.

$125 Aer

(more daily bags)

Topo Core Pack

Solid organization, materials and durability at an affordable price. 

$129 Topo

(more daily bags)

Highly recommended:

Boundary Supply Errant

Lots of organization in an innovative pack for everyday use. Great balance of tech + feel.

$149 Boundary Supply

(more daily bags)

Excellent daily carry bags:

Evergoods Civic Half Zip
Bellroy Shift
Peak Design Everyday Backpack
Tom Bihn Synik

Recommended Business backpacks:

Bellroy TokyoTote
Knack Backpack
Trakke Bannoch
Nomatic Backpack
Filson 24hr

Recommended travel bags:

Eagle Creek Expanse

$169 Amazon

Aer Duffel
Aer Travel Backpack
Pakt Duffel
Peak Design Travel Backpack

Kitchen, Body & Mind Stuff 

Stocking stuffers for the vitality minded.

Tech   Apparel   Accessories   Bags   Body

Onnit Total Human Vitamins

Every morning and evening a little packet of perfect supplements. Comes in a nice box.

~$120/30 days Amazon

Foursigmatic Elixirs

Adaptogenic goodies and solid cabin vibes no matter where you are.

~$15 Amazon

PuraThrive Curcumin Gold

Honestly, tastes so g’dam good at the end of an evening with some hot water (or on ice!), AND helps with inflammation.

$49+ Amazon

Chocolate Collagen Fuel

If you want killer indoor/outdoor, multi-room, multi-device, Sonos is a miraculous modern tool.

~$49 Amazon

Organifi Gold

I have a small warm tea with this every night. DELICIOUS. I think it helps me sleep too.

~$79 Amazon

Lifetime cooler

No bullshit, just a great cooler that keeps your shit cold for a LONG time.

~$199 Yeti Amazon

Anova Sous Vide

Sous vide is such a nice game to play with food for that techy person in your life. Such. Good. Steak.

~$99 Amazon

A great chef's knife

The first solid chef’s knife I got changed my life forever. This is a solid one. 

$124 Amazon

A 20 year cutting board

Get something made SOLID. This one’s got gutters around the edges for BBQ juices.

$78 Amazon

Askinosie Chocolate

Honestly, tastes so g’dam good at the end of an evening with some hot water (or on ice!), AND helps with inflammation.

$10-100+ Learn More

Hanabi Cooperative Game

Hanabi is an excellent game, and it fits easily in a travel bag!

$9 Amazon

Masterclass Courses

A gift certificate or a specific course here could be an excellent gift.

$19 Masterclass

Body Good Yoga Wheel

A great affordable tool for bodywork and massage in the living room.

$30 Amazon

Rumble Roller

The best out there. Extra firm, full size. I bring my back and legs back to life with this thing. Cheapest home masseuse out there.

~$69 Amazon

Travel Foam Roller

I take it everywhere I go when I’m traveling by car because it collapses and fits in my duffel bag.

~$68 Amazon

Feet Up

So. Damn. Good. Decompress the neck, work the abs, get inversion benefits.

$149 Amazon