CHase’s Gear

Here’s the gear I use everyday on the road and in the studio.

Computer Setup:

Laptop: MacBook Bro (16″)

Accessories: Roost Stand, Apple Keyboard & Mouse, Power Supply, (more)

Headphones: Focal Bathys, Airpods

Hard Drives: mobile, archive

Batteries: Omnicharge

Audio/Video Gear

Canon EOS R and Canon EOS R6 are my cameras. The R6 can overheat, but it’s full frame at 4k.  I went for a cheap power adapter and a bunch of batteries. Lenses: 1, 2

This mic is one of the most trusty things in my kit. Charges through usb micro. Turns on when camera does, auto turns off, battery lasts long.

Peak Design’s travel tripod was sent as a gift and I use it whenever I travel. This one is what I have setup in the studio. 

Aputure 120D II LED studio light. Changed. My. Life. Light Dome and Space Light are the two accessories I recommend.

Amaran 150c a very affordable light. I use it in the background for some color. 

Stands: floor, desk. These C-Stands are incredible. Get a few and some attachments to put cameras on them. So useful. 

The MixPre 6 is SUCH a killer audio recorder and audio i/o. 4 mic preamps, limiter, touchscreen, epic.

AT875R, the cheapest solid shotgun mic I’ve found. Team it with this pop filter for podcasting.

Atomos Ninja Monitor/Recorder – I use this to get around Canon’s recording time limit on one of my cameras and get a clear vision of my overhead shot in the studio. Gotta get a hard drive to go with it.

I’ve got a bunch of camera bags I choose from. Most recently using this one in 24L


Shimoda’s Roller Bag Is my favorite carry-on roller bag to date. Opens like a doctors bag! 

Insta360 Go the only action cam I’ve used. This new one has a screen that flips up. Very useful for water, walk and talks etc. 

DJI Double Mic — record two people, sync wirelessly to camera if you want. This thing is just so damn nice to work with. Love it. 

Omnicharge 20 Battery super useful on set. I run the audio or a camera from this, recharge phone or audio recorders, etc. 

Fuji x100 series camera. My favorite camera to date for still photos. Super vibe and easy to throw around my neck on a string.  

Focal Bathys Headphones – ANC bluetooth headphones WITH a DAC mode which lets me plug in to my computer via USB-C. SO COMFY. 

Panasonic GH4 is the best “third cam” around for the price. No time limit, 4k, affordable 20mm lens you can just leave on cuz it’s so small.