CHase’s Gear

Here’s the gear I use everyday on the road and in the studio.

Computer Setup:

Audio/Video Gear

Canon EOS R and Canon EOS R6 are my cameras. The R6 can overheat, but it’s better looking 4k. Lenses: 1, 2

This mic is one of the most trusty things in my kit. Charges through usb micro. Turns on when camera does, auto turns off, battery lasts long.

Peak Design’s travel tripod was sent as a gift and I use it whenever I travel. This one is what I have setup in the studio. 

Aputure 120D II LED studio light. Changed. My. Life. Light Dome and Space Light are the two accessories I recommend.

Sandmarc ND filters for any kind of filming outside these become essential so you can open up your aperture. Nice to have the three, I take just the middle one out in my most minimal kit.

Stands: floor, desk

The MixPre 6 is SUCH a killer audio recorder and audio i/o. 4 mic preamps, limiter, touchscreen, epic.

AT875R, the cheapest solid shotgun mic I’ve found. Team it with this pop filter for podcasting.