North St. Weekender Meeting Bag Review

The Weekender Meeting bag from North St. is an excellent little slimline daily carry bag. Built by hand in Portland, OR, with great materials. Attaches to the larger Weekender Travel Bag.

Material Choice:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Extra points for these aqua-sealed zippers.

Build Quality:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

North make excellent bags by hand in Portland, OR.

Water Resistance:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent


External Access:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Simple pocket on the outside front of the bag for quick access.

Internal Organization:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Lots of velcro and customizable placement for pouches and accessories.

Carry Comfort:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

The lightweight straps can hide away.

Doesn't Look Weird:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

I think it's real sexy for a modern slimline bag

North St. Weekender Meeting Bag Customizable insides, opens clamshell. 

Customizable insides, opens clamshell. 

Lots of velcro inside for pouches and customizing how you carry. 

North St. Weekender Meeting Bag Attaches to a larger travel bag from North St.

Attaches to a larger travel bag from North St.

A really capable travel collection. Throw the little bag on the airplane seat before stashing the bigger bag in the overhead compartment.

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