Topo Global Briefcase Review

"Slimline. Classic."

The Global Briefcase from Topo converts from backpack to briefcase with enough external access and style to be one of my personal favorite daily carry bags.

  • slim profile
  • 2 spacious external access pouches
  • laptop compartment
  • 14L main compartment
  • chunky YKK zips (move so smooth!)
  • that vintage modern style

Topo Global Briefcase Low-key, playful aesthetic.

Low-key, playful aesthetic.

This thing just looks great. It’s playful and chunky and so fun. (I imagine some folks hate the look, tho, so YMMV.)

Topo Global Briefcase Stowable shoulder straps. #BriefcaseMode #MessengerMode

Stowable shoulder straps. #BriefcaseMode #MessengerMode

Stow the shoulder straps for briefcase mode. I always use it in backpack mode.

The handle is great in briefcase mode, tho.

Topo Global Briefcase Two of my favorite external access pockets.

Two of my favorite external access pockets.

Front pockets have their own dimensions, YKK #8 zips on those pockets.

Topo Global Briefcase Decent capacity. Slim profile.

Decent capacity. Slim profile.

Chunky-ass YKK injection molded zip on the main compartment. Moves smooth and easy.

Topo Global Briefcase External laptop compartment.

External laptop compartment.

Chunky-ass YKK injection molded zip again. Padding all around, but not suspended.

Padded divider inside to throw other stuff in alongside your laptop. My ipad goes here.

Material Choice:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Build Quality:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Water Resistance:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

External Access:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Internal Organization:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Capacity:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Carry Comfort:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Doesn't Look Weird:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent