Tom Bihn Synapse/Synik Review

"Dad Bag Epic™"

One of the internet’s most beloved backpacks due to its accessibility, organization, build quality and capacity. Dad-bag looks tho.

Now available in two styles:

The “Synik” available in 22L and 30L, clamshell opening, new edgeless straps.

  • 22L is PERFECT for my daily carry needs (a little tight, I gotta get a little funky on the laptop setup, but it’s perfect for me). Highly recommended.
  • 30L is quite large for daily carry (larger framed people and folks with bigger loads to carry may not think so, tho), solid for travel (although I’d like something that’s a little smaller as a daily carry once I arrive).

The “Synapse” available in 19L and 25L, not clamshell opening, older straps. (Watch the Synapse Video.)

  • 19L is real minimal and light and great for day hikes.
  • 25L is epic for minimal travel and larger daily carry loads. Highly recommended.

Also covered in this video and this video.

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