Aer Slim Pack Review

"Lil' Tech Star"

Clean and simple looks.  Clean and simple looks.

The Slim Pack from Aer is a sleek, all matte black compact daily carry bag with simple, but solid organization and excellent durability.

Aer Slim Pack Clean and simple looks.

Clean and simple looks.

Matte black face, 1680D Cordura, YKK zips. All very solid materials and construction on this. The hands like it, the road likes it.

Aer Slim Pack Slimline profile.

Slimline profile.

Very minimal. Can’t fit much. Laptop, all your little tech stuff, bluetooth headphones, maybe a book. Maybe a thin wind breaker along with that other stuff.

Aer Slim Pack Solid organization. Minimal size.

Solid organization. Minimal size.

Memo water bottle, laptop, ipad and book and you’re quite full. But so slim and minimal in transit tho.

Organization on these Aer bags is pretty “just right” for my needs. Use pouches for more organized carry.

Aer Slim Pack Doable 'briefcase mode.'

Doable 'briefcase mode.'

The straps are just tucked in on the back, so if I need briefcase mode often I’d look somewhere else. But for those every now and again’s when you need to step up your professionalism to walk into the building? Not bad.

Aer Slim Pack Simple, nice straps. Luggage passthrough.

Simple, nice straps. Luggage passthrough.

The luggage passthrough strap is what you tuck the backpack straps into for briefcase mode.