Everlane Mover Pack Duffel Review

"Affordable Killer."

The Mover Pack is an affordable duffel with simple backpack straps, solid materials and a few solid pockets for organization.

Everlane Mover Pack Duffel Simple backpack straps.

Simple backpack straps.

They’re actually surprisingly comfortable. I, personally, like to travel with a travel backpack due to their robust straps, optional hip straps, etc.But as far as an affordable duffel with backpack straps goes, this thing is solid. (And bonus for it not looking like a big, sticky, rubber patagonia or north face bag.)

Everlane Mover Pack Duffel YKK zips. Great zip pulls. Decent details.

YKK zips. Great zip pulls. Decent details.

The material and zips and organization all feelsurprisingly solid.