2022 Gift Guide

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Video Guides:

I’ve made several video guides in the past to show off good gifts on camera and talk a bit more freely about them. 

Travel Goodies

Travel is the ultimate gift. It opens our minds and hearts, gets us out of our ruts, exposes us to the world.
Gravel Mini toiletry kit. Clean, simple, easy, minimal.
Bellroy Dopp Kit. Classy. Playful. Multiple sizes.
Peak Design Washbag. So good. Large-ish.

Everyday Stuff

Everyday goods need to be functional, stylish and organized for life.
Pioneer Carry Cardholder. Will. Last. For. Ever.
Bellroy 3-card phone case. My daily driver for 5+ years.
Ekster card poppin' wallet. How does it do this?
Peak Design Tech Pouch. Utterly organized. Delicious materials.
Bellroy Tech Kit. Elegant. Super capable. Sleeker than the Peak.

Everyday Tech

Don’t settle for tech they’ll throw away in a month. Good everyday tech enables creativity and connection.
  • Bluetooth Earbuds — so much walk, talk (call your dad), audiobook, podcast listening. Apple Airpods Pro are the best i’ve used if you’re in the Apple ecosystem. Jabra 65t still my favorite affordable for everything else (including exercise).
  • Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones — tune out the world, get focused, great call quality, gotta lay flat for easy carry. I use this one everyday and have loved it for years (affordable!). This one is a bit more spendy but worth the upgrade.
  • A Good Recharge Battery — If they don’t already have one. Here’s one for the digital pro in your life.
  • A TSA Approved Multi-Tool — small, useful, won’t get taken from you when you travel with it.
  • Sonos Move — put music back into my life. Moveable speaker, charging base, works totally different than bluetooth though, you can walk away! (I collect good background music on spotify.) Here’s a solid affordable speaker that does great.
Leatherman PS Style. Useful. TSA approved so it won't get taken when you forget you have it.
Roost Laptop Stand. Travellable.Throw it in a bag. Better than others.
Tribit Mini Speaker. Surprisingly useful for upping the background music vibes.
A good USB battery. Small. Breakfast top-up.

Work & Office Stuff

How and where we get our work done matters. Solid upgrades here can make a big impact.
  • A Great Notebook + Pen — For my friends I like to get a little kit including a Totebook, a Panobook and a Mark One Pen from Studio Neat. Excellent paper, two different sizes (Panobook fits between you and your laptop 👌) and one of the most satisfying pens I’ve experienced. (That click!)
  • Can’t be overstated how good a pair of bluetooth noise cancelling headphones and a playlist to get lost in can be for productivity. 
  • Remarkable 2 Tablet — this thing makes an EPIC gift. Feels so good to write on. One of the most exciting upgrades to an analogue/digital workflow. Also, best ebook reader I’ve used.
  • Ergonomic Accessories — ergonomics at the desk MATTER. Roost Laptop Stand is a great addition to any desk/bag. Checkout stuff from Fully. The TicTok chair is incredible. And an ergonomic floor mat for standing desks can be one of those things that people use everyday (but wouldn’t buy for themselves).
  • An Excellent Coffee Maker — Ratio make a coffee maker that makes better coffee than most cafés, looks beautiful and will last YEARS.
  • A Coffee Subscription — great beans delivered regularly from micro-roasters all over the country. EPIC GIFT.
  • A Good Phone/Watch Dock — setup your phone and watch and airpods to charge on a beautiful, natural charger. I like the Material Dock from Studio Neat. Nomad Goods also make a great dock.
Studio Neat Totebook
Studio Neat Mark One Pen
Owala Bottle. Insulated, lockable lid, fits in cupholders upside down.

Clothes & Shoes

Excellent materials and designs are what makes those shirts and pants we love putting on every day.
  • THE BEST MAN PANT — The Evolution pant from Western Rise is my go-to pant every single day for city, mountain, board rooms and trails. Lightweight, odor and stain resistant, durable, crotch gusset for better fit. Duer make great stretchy jeans, as does Aviator.
  • Excellent Button Up ShirtsWool & Oak make wrinkle and odor resistant shirts that stay looking fresh for much longer than regular shirts because they’re made of merino.  This shirt is epic for lightweight, warmer climates.
  • My Favorite Jacket — The AirLoft by Western Rise is by far and away the best everyday, every occasion, city, outdoorsy, plains and mountain jacket I’ve ever used. Temp regulating inner liner, insulation, water resistance, great fit.
  • Lem’s Boulder Boot — the most comfortable, most badass everyday outdoor rambler for your feet. I got the full leather version 3 years ago and it just keeps looking better and better. Helps your feet become stronger. Feelgrounds also make some simple-good healthy shoes that look and feel good.
Western Rise Evolution Pant... cozy, stretchy, classy, utterly durable. I wear them *literally* every day.
Lems Boulder Boot. My personal favorite and an absolute workhorse of a shoe.
Wool and Prince button down shirts drape with casual elegance because merino.

Other Goodies

  • Onnit Total Human — excellent everyday vitamins. 30-day day + night packs. All the things I should be taking and forget to. Nice packaging.
  • Organifi Gold — night time cocktail, reishi, magnesium. Excellent sleep, great taste.
  • CBD Dropper — for de-stressing and for those times you wake up at 2am and want to get back to sleep for a few hours. Non drowsy, high quality, this is a farm I trust and use. Great stocking stuffer.
Thanks for reading and watching and being a part of what I’m up to here. Shout out in the social media below and from my house to yours I hope your year end is loving, connected and matterful. 
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