Boundary Supply Errant Backpack Review

"Tight tech daily driver"

Versatile and feature rich with lots of organization in a sleek, techy everyday size. Camera accessory ready, shoe compartment. Kinda funky zip top with magnetic clips.

  • Great straps and back support. Very breathable for all you bike commuters out there. Rigid straps that I’ll bet will wear in really nicely under heavy use.
  • Great materials and durability. 500D Duramax Kodra feels great to the touch while providing a very durable soft shell to the bag. AND all the materials are sourced sustainably from Bluesign approved vendors.
  • Tons of pockets on the bag, both outside and inside. Secret compartment against your back, side pocket, bottom shoe pocket for gym rats (I use it for more tech organization), lash straps, water bottle pocket… and then on the inside there’s some great organization for your laptop, charger, and extra tech.
  • Tons of accessories you can get for the bag as well… multiple camera cubes (the one that integrates at the top of the bag is actually really nice), extra organization pouches, etc.

Also covered in this video.

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