GoRuck GR1 Review

"Hardest Core™©"

Expensive, but it’s got an amazing warranty. A simple, understated, powerful bag that will gladly see you through anything in life.

  • Unbelievable Build Quality: the quality of materials, sewing and construction on this bag is off the charts.
  • Excellent Warranty: the bag is bombproof, and the SCARS warranty is there for everything else. Basically, you never have to worry about this bag because they’ll repair or replace it.
  • The Aesthetic is Killer: it just looks so good. Simple + sturdy, minimal + uncluttered, utilitarian + comfortable. Just a gorgeous looking/feeling bag.
  • Multiple Sizes: the bag comes in a few different sizes. I like the 21L for daily use and the larger sizes for minimal travel.
  • Daily Carry & Minimal Travel: the 26L is definitely doable for minimal travel!
  • A Life-Long Companion: this bag will be with you through SO MANY ADVENTURES. Buy one and forget about other bags for a couple decades.

Simple, minimal, tough, bulletproof, classy as f*ck. What more can I say? I wish there was a better quick access pocket and a little more organization, personally. But this thing is a life-long companion.

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