Filson 24 Hour Tin Briefcase Review


This bag from Filson is easily one of my favorite briefcase-type bags due to it’s excellent materials, organization, and classic aesthetic.

It’s called the “tin” briefcase because it uses Filson’s tin cloth, a thick cotton canvas with an oil-finish wax applied. It’s got such a beautiful look and feel, and the wax can be applied again and again over the years.

I truly love the organization and access on this bag. The two big pouches on the front make me pine for this kind of design in every bag I use.

And yea, sure, it’s expensive. But the best thing about this bag is it’s going to last FOREVER. The leather, the buckles, the canvas, it’s all gorgeous and it’s gonna last for ages and never go out of style. So, you know, amortize the cost over 50 years and you’ll realize it’s actually an affordable bag.

If you need a bag for the office or cafe or just for your Hemingway halloween costume, this is the one for you.

More coverage of this bag in this video.


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