Bellroy Classic Backpack Review

"Clean. Friendly. Premium."

A perfectly sized bag for tight daily carry packed up in a very modern, functional package. Now available in premium materials.

  • Perfect little size for my daily carry needs. Plus it looks very sleek… modern but classic. It really is a stylish bag.
  • The materials all feel more than quality, especially the details. The canvas feels solid, straps have a nice feeling to the touch, the leather handle is excellent. And then the inside pockets have a very plush, stretchy mesh that sets the whole thing into a different category of… uh… niceness, I guess.
  • Fits up to a 15″ laptop. Very easy to get mine in and out.
  • NOTE: this is one of my favorite simple laptop bags of all time and I actually prefer it to Bellroy’s classic backpack plus.
  • BUT #1: I wish there was one more pocket.
  • BUT #2: this quick access pocket is challenging.

Also covered in this video.

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