Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel Review

"Burly. Compartmentalized."

The Hexad Access Duffel from Wandrd is a highly organized bag with multiple large compartments that’s great for anyone traveling with a serious camera setup.

Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel Rubbery exterior. Backpack or a duffel.

Rubbery exterior. Backpack or a duffel.

Solid look — my wife says it’s too “bro/military” feeling, but lots of us like that look.

Material is rigid and zippers are a little stiff —  this is one of the bummers on this bag. But it’s only about a 20% bummer… not a full bummer.

Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel Camera accessories. Space compartmentalization.

Camera accessories. Space compartmentalization.

Nice clothing/gear organization — you may really like the organization of the main compartment into 3 different “cubes”. I certainly do.

Can be used with a camera cube — they make a camera cube that you can use in one of the main compartments… features access to the camera cube from the outside of the bag!


Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel Backpack straps can be a little uncomfortable.

Backpack straps can be a little uncomfortable.

Not quite enough organization for my in-transit needs — Tortuga’s Setout Travel Backpack, for example, has a lot more first-order access to tech organization.

Wandrd Hexad Access Duffel Laptop pocket in main compartment.

Laptop pocket in main compartment.

Large capacity — excellent for one bag travel.

Material Choice:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Build Quality:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Water Resistance:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

External Access:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

The smaller organization on the outside of this bag leaves much to be desired for me.

Internal Organization:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Carry Comfort:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

If you're athletic, this bag will be fine. But if you want something comfortable, I recommend looking elsewhere because the cutouts in the straps can get very uncomfortable.

Doesn't Look Weird:Sub-Par Satisfactory Excellent

Hip and chunky look that I personally like.