Tactical style

Strap it up. Grip it. Rip it. Bug out. Here’s some tactical bags that make the cut.

How to make your decision



Expect to pay $100-300+ for thoughtful makers + legit materials.



Click on the bags you like below to watch the video and get an informed look.



Keep a list of what bags interest you and what you like/dislike to help you make your final decision.

Aer Travel Pack 2.0

Organized. All black.

Aer Travel Pack 2.0

A very well designed, stylish travel bag for one-bag travel with enough pockets, organization and access to make travel smooth. view bag

GoRuck GR1

Hardest Core™©

GoRuck GR1

Expensive, but it's got an amazing warranty. A simple, understated, powerful bag that will gladly see you through anything in life. view bag

Topo Global Briefcase

Slimline. Classic.

Topo Global Briefcase

The Global Briefcase from Topo converts from backpack to briefcase with enough external access and style to be one of my personal favorite daily carry bags. view bag

GoRuck GR2 Backpack

Rugged. Forever.

GoRuck GR2 Backpack

The GR2 from GoRuck will last your entire life, features a segmented main compartment, is extensible with pouches and accessories and boasts a very rugged, handsome look. view bag