Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksack Review

"F*cking Heritage, Man"

The Wilderness Rucksack from Tanner Goods is a gorgeous, artisan, hand-shucked heirloom bag that your grandpa would be proud of (whichever one of your grandpas was more badass).

First of all, the materials are absolutely killer. Every material, from the fabric to the buckles and the leather has a story. These Tanner Goods folks are excellent at creating handmade pieces that just ooze class.

It’s got tons of capacity. You can fit whatever you need to in this bag. Whether it’s minimal travel or just a good deal of stuff you need to bring to the office.

And the overall aesthetic is classic. Whether you’re sporting a top-knot at a cafe in Portland, or a board room in NYC, this bag takes it up a notch.

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