Lexdray Rome Pack Review

A classic daypack with plush and delightful materials and designs and some extra room for whatever kinds of bulky things you may need to carry.

  • This feels like the smores of simple backpacks: rich, indulgent, like, “who the hell thought of this!?” but I kind of love it.
  • The sturdiness of materials is almost comical. Like the neoprene zipper covers, the silky smooth lining, the INCREDIBLY SOFT laptop sleeve lining.
  • However, that sturdiness feels really nice in use. The injection molded zippers are easy to open in a more-than-just-a-little nice kind of way. The reinforced external material (which has a kind of diamond pattern injected onto it somehow) holds the bag’s shape nicely. The straps are sturdy and strong and pleasant to wear.
  • And, you guys, the softness of the laptop sleeve is unreal. I find myself unconsciously stroking it. And while I’m there, tablet sleeve may be too small for your tablet.
  • It’s a simple two compartment bag, lots of space in the main compartment, a couple key hooks in the outer pouch.

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