Normcore style

Low-key bag designs for everyday life but with good organization + build quality.

How to make your decision



Expect to pay $100-300+ for thoughtful makers + legit materials.



Click on the bags you like below to watch the video and get an informed look.



Keep a list of what bags interest you and what you like/dislike to help you make your final decision.

Tom Bihn Synapse/Synik

Dad Bag Epic™

Tom Bihn Synapse/Synik

One of the internet's most beloved backpacks due to its accessibility, organization, build quality and capacity. Dad-bag looks tho. view bag

Topo Global Briefcase

Slimline. Classic.

Topo Global Briefcase

The Global Briefcase from Topo converts from backpack to briefcase with enough external access and style to be one of my personal favorite daily carry bags. view bag

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Backpack

Upgraded Classic

Greenroom136 Rainmaker Backpack

An extremely solid everyday backpack suited for carrying lots of gear or compressing down to a minimal daily carry haul. One of my favorite all-around bags. view bag

Topo Global Briefcase 3-Day

The Mountain Professional

Topo Global Briefcase 3-Day

A very capable minimal traveler's bag or large-ish daily carry brief that converts to a backpack or messenger. Simple and solid tech organization, capacity and unique style. Kinda fiddly main compartment interiors. view bag