Remote Equipment Alpha 31 Review


Easily one of my favorite bags for serious urban and outdoor daily carry. The Alpha 31 from Remote Equipment is a delight to use and will remain durable for years and years.

  • Built extremely well… this thing is a goddam delight from detail to detail and every panel in between. Durability for days, and a few nice touches in stretchy materials as well.
  • Unique aesthetic… to me this is the backpack Elon Musk chooses for his personal militia.
  • Utterly comfortable straps and back panel… squishy enough, rigid enough.
  • Solid external access… tenderloin pockets, quick access pocket, excellent water bottle pockets.
  • Does *not* stand up… the bottom is designed for distributing weight for carry, not for standing up next to the table at the cafe.
  • Spendy tho… it’s not cheap. So you gotta ask yourself if you deserve it.

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