Triple Aught Designs FAST Pack Lightspeed Review

"Bug Out Bag."

An extremely solid, minimal daily carry with enough tactical connections for you to customize however you want.

  • Just ridiculously well made — military spec allllll around the bag. Innovative foam in the shoulder straps and hypalon in the handles and stress points.
  • Tight and minimal daily carry size — Perfect for some, too small for others.
  • Attach literally any accessory you can find — though the look of the bag will suffer depending on what you’re adding.
  • A very tactical look — it’s hard to offset the insane number of attachments and straps. People may assume you’re a field doctor… so, you know, brush up on your emergency tracheotomy.
  • Ultimately, it’s a delightful bag to use for daily carry… the kind of thing you can count on for years and years and years… just so long as you don’t ask it to be something it isn’t.

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