Millican Smith The Roll Pack 25L Review

"New Heritage."

Smith the Roll Pack from Millican is a perfect eco-friendly rambler for daily adventures that’s built excellently, has plenty of room for your stuff, but still looks good when it’s not totally full.

  • Lovely look — vintage, honest aesthetic, but with the very modern fabric it makes it feel a little more stylish. Very conscientious materials — Bionic® Canvas Outer Fabric: 38% cotton, 57% recycled polyester, 5% high-tenacity polyester, 100% paraffin wax impregnated. Lining Fabric: 100% recycled polyester.
  • Lots of pockets — easy access on the outside and the inside of the bag to lots of organization.
  • Roomy, but looks good minimal — tons of room in here to make this sucker carry all your stuff, but it also looks carries great with just a few items in it. Best of both worlds.
  • Very comfortable — the shoulder straps and back panel have very comfortable padding and it’s set up so your back can breathe.

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