Attitude Supply ATD1 Backpack Review

The ATD1 is an expandable backpack you can use for both travel and daily carry. Looks pretty damn good too. One of the best in this category for sure.

  • It’s meant to be the ONE bag you need for carry on travel and daily carry, and it does a damn good job of it.
  • Massive Capacity — expands from 20L to 55L with a roll-top enclosure. Tons of space.
  • Does decent as a daily carry — there’s a lot of fabric and straps to manage, and I can’t seem to get the rolltop to look very stylish (for my personal style). However, it does get compact, and it’s rare to have something that travels with THIS MUCH SPACE and is still capable of being a decent daily carry.
  • Great materials and water-resistant build — I love the 500d, PU coated Cordura fabric with DWR. It feels good to the touch (though it does pick up lint like a motherfkr). Solid shoulder straps, nothing fancy, but quite comfortable even when it’s totally packed out.
  • I like the front panel with organization. They did a great job on the materials and the way the internal pockets are laid out.
  • Definitely some straps hanging off of this bag. Nice for attaching things to the outside of the bag; not so nice for going for a minimal look.
  • I’ll be honest, this is a challenging mix of great materials, interesting design, and too floppy, not enough clean enough-ness.

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