Tactical Style Bags & Backpacks

Tactical style bags often have a kind of military look to them. These are bags that are usually built to be used in the most trying conditions on earth.

Of course, they can also be just dope looking bags; you don’t have to be going on a mission to Mars to use a bag that could go with you 🙂

So, below is a list of some tactical style bags you definitely need to know about.

Tactical bag considerations:

  • Is it well built? Tactical style bags are trendy, so make sure you’re getting a bag that’s built well so it lasts and you don’t waste your money.
  • Will any hanging straps and flaps annoy you? Often these kinds of bags have lots of ways you can lash items to the bag. Sometimes these straps can get snagged in travel and be annoying.
  • What’s your use case for this bag? Every bag wants to be used for certain tasks, in certain ways. Happy bag use comes when what the bag wants and what you want are aligned.

Tactical style bags: